Tatiana Nega



Art academy for art, sculpter and arkitecture Ilya Repin 1984-1989

Academy of Fine Arts i St. Petersburg 1990-1991

Some exhibitions:

2013 “Closer tol the body or All for the Soul”, Psov, Russia

2014 “Beauty unnvikende mening” ,Tampere , Finland

2014 “Caught in lidenskap” ,Pskov, Russia

2015 Pskov møte-3″, Pskov State Museum-Reserve, Russia

2016 “Interior maleriet”, Handle Beaty rom, St. Petersburg, Russia

“Games with Symmetry”, Loft Project Floors, St.Petersburg, Russia

Her art peases finnes in private homes in Russia, Great Britain, France, Irland, USA, Australia, Brasil, Portugal og Japan.

Curator from Gallery in London about Nega:

“Tatiana Nega spins a vortex of tumultuous colour. Her mark making references modernist action painters and colour field artists yet signals towards the movements of liquids caught in high-speed photography and three dimensional particle simulators. In doing so she investigates the dichotomy of human expression in relation to technology. Nega hopes to contain in her work the sense of a continuously flowing, self-producing reality, framing the unpredictable with her watery palette and creating a real sense of depth between her arcs of paint.”