Irina Schitinskaja

Irina Schitinskaja

Born in 1969, St. Petersburg, Russia

Artschool by Repin Art Academy 1981-1986
Russian Art Academy 1986-1990
Pupil of prof. Pakhomov, St. Petersburg 1991-1997
Member of Russian Art Assosiation 1997


St. Petersburg Akvarellist Assosiation, Russland, 1999-2000
Art sallons, Moscow, Russia 2000-2006
Blue Galleri, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2001
Kosken Galleri , Finland, 1999-2004                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sensorium gallery, Stavern, Norway 2007

1 year projectwork in textile desegn, N.Y., USA
Artist´s pieces of art fines i private collections in USA, England, Germany, Finland, Russia, France