Carlos Madrid

Born in 1950, Jauja i Peru


The Art Students League of New York,

The New York Academy of Figurative Art, USA

Pupil of Odd Nerdrum, 2001 – 2002 .

He has had exhibitions in USA, France og Norway ( Haugar Kunstmuseum in Tønsberg, Gallery Tonne in Oslo, Kjell Raugland Gallery in Stavern).

“Only through the careful study of nature can life shine in a work of Art
Through the craft of painting I find my connection to the world.

Following the ancient tradition of story telling using images and materials such as oils, charcoal and graphite, my goal as an artist is to emulate and recreate the timeless craftmanship and content I find in the work of the great masters. These are qualities that I have admired since my childhood in my native Peru.ekt.html

Line, form, colours, composition and their interaction upon matter are the elements that I use to transmit to the viewer the moments of silence and beauty that I experience when engaged with my work. The drama between light and shadow gives life to my subjects and infuses them with a reality of their own.

The process of art making is like a mirror which reflects our own image when we look upon it. I hope that my paintings and drawings reflect my intentions of sharing a special moment with my audience.”– Carlos Madrid