Vitold Smukrovich

Vitold Smukrovich

Born in 1967, St. Petersburg, Russia

Artschool by Art Academy 1979-1984
Russian Art Academy 1989-1994
Member of Russian Art Assosiation 1995
Member of «Oil painters of America» from 2000


Art Saloons, Moskva, Russland 1999-2000
Gala gallery, Turku, Finland 2001
Goda gallery, Gallery OD Art Delft, Nederlands 2004
Art Expo, NY, USA 2004
Kunst in Kop.Groningen, The Nederlands 2005
Gallerie du Soleil. Naples,Florida, USA 2006
Ouyide galleri, Beijing, China 2006

Sensorium gallery, Stavern, Norway 2007